Plans & Pricing

Thousands of lawyers and legal professionals use SmartRules to keep up-to-date with changes to filing requirements and local jurisdiction regulations.

Each SmartRules™ guide summarizes the procedural requirements in plain English (with links to the full rule text).  See our Sample Guides or view a Case Study to see how you can benefit from using SmartRules.  Our Guides Are Updated Daily!

Three Subscription Options

Our Silver Monthly Plan covers one premium State’s Jurisdiction and has limited State coverage for thirty States (see below), plus the Federal Courts for your chosen jurisdiction.

Example: A Premium subscription to California covers 16 courts/jurisdictions (including California Federal Courts) and includes over 1,300 litigation guides.

Our Platinum Monthly Plan covers all twenty Premium jurisdictions, and all Federal Courts 

The Best Value is our Annual Membership for just $797.00 which has all the benefits of our Platinum plan.

The Annual Plan also offers a savings over our Silver Monthly Plan with the added bonus of receiving ALL Twenty Premium jurisdictions.

Offer may expire at any time.  Bonus jurisdiction is for length of subscription.  Contact Support after your purchase with requested States.

Example: Order California and request New York.

Premium Jurisdictions

Click State name to go to Silver Plan order page.

*Bold – Most Popular Jurisdictions

SmartRules is undeniably a time-saver, and a liberator. Most of the litigators I work with have better things to focus their time and energy on than chasing after rules. With a service like SmartRules, our attorneys can be confident that they’ve covered all the details of the procedure, and that their papers will be in compliance.

NY Law Journal

“SmartRules may bring us a victory in a current motion to dismiss because opposing counsel missed a deadline to file an opposition by 7 days per the new U.S. Central District deadlines, which was brought to our attention by SmartRules. It was also brought to our attention that our reply brief was due 7 days earlier than in the past. This is the kind of thing that is key with respect to malpractice.”

Nicole G.Associate