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One simple mistake – whether it be a filing date or document format – can be the difference between winning a case or losing to the opposition.

Thousands of lawyers and legal professionals use SmartRules to keep up-to-date with changes to filing requirements and local jurisdiction regulations, and therefore win more cases.

From some of the largest and most prestigious firms in the country, to lean-and-mean one-lawyer shops, SmartRules is the profession’s choice that’s been trusted for years.

Read some of our testimonials and discover the benefits of joining SmartRules today!


“SmartRules is undeniably a time-saver, and a liberator. Most of the litigators I work with have better things to focus their time and energy on than chasing after rules. With a service like SmartRules, our attorneys can be confident that they’ve covered all the details of the procedure, and that their papers will be in compliance.”

New York Law Journal-


“SmartRules may bring us a victory in a current motion to dismiss because opposing counsel missed a deadline to file an opposition by 7 days per the new U.S. Central District deadlines, which was brought to our attention by SmartRules. It was also brought to our attention that our reply brief was due 7 days earlier than in the past. This is the kind of thing that is key with respect to malpractice.”

Nicole G.-


“Staying on top of all of the frequent changes to the local and “local local” rules is a challenge, particularly when you are practicing in multiple jurisdictions. SmartRules makes sure I have the latest information in a smart format that is easy to use. I encourage all of the attorneys and paralegals in my group to use it.”

Marc Fenster Partner Russ, August & Kabat


“As a senior litigation assistant I have found great value in SmartRules. There is a reason SmartRules is popular, and I totally believe it’s worth the cost. It’s fast, accurate, easily accessible, great for quick research so it saves valuable time – and time is money.”

Crystal L. McCareSenior Litigation Assistant - Epstein Becker & Greene


“The true test of a product’s usefulness is how quickly it is adopted by lawyers and staff. Ours immediately embraced SmartRules, and the feedback I’ve received has been very positive and enthusiastic.”

Nora Levine Manager of California Libraries - Reed Smith


“We’ve found SmartRules to be a great product – it addresses a difficult research challenge in a simple way.”

Frosty OwenHunton & Williams LLP


“I have used SmartRules over the past ten years. When I started at Phillips, Erlewine & Given in July 2010, I suggested they get SmartRules as a great “go to” site. Whether you are confirming the ways to serve a summons or filing a motion for summary judgment, SmartRules provides you with step-by-step information on how to perform the task as well as hyperlinks to the particular statutes or rules to get additional information. I find SmartRules to be an invaluable tool and very user friendly.”

Rosemary Comisky Culiver, ParalegalPhillips, Erlewine & Given, LLP


“As an attorney who has spent countless hours drafting legal documents, I am truly impressed by your company’s service. Just what the doctor ordered!”

Robert C. FarrellAttorney at Law

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