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Nevada - Clark District
Nevada - Clark District
Nevada - Clark District
Nevada - Clark District
Nevada - Clark District

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 Reply in Support of Motion to Dismiss


 Nevada District Court
 Clark County

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Briefing Schedule-Clark County

Moving Papers

All motions must contain a notice of motion setting the hearing on a day when the district judge more...   

Joinder--Serve 5 Days After Service of Motion

Within 5 days after service of the motion, a nonmoving party may file written joinder thereto, together with more...

Opposition Papers--Within 10 Days After Service of Motion

Within 10 days after the service of the motion, and 5 days after service of any joinder to more...

Opposition as Counter-Motion

An opposition to a motion which contains a motion related to the same subject matter will be considered more...

Reply Papers-Serve 5 Days Before Hearing Date

A moving party may file a reply memorandum of points and authorities not later than 5 days before more...

3 Days' Additional Time After Service by Mail or Electronic Means

Whenever a party has the right or is required to do some act or take some proceedings within more...

Request for Setting

If a petition, writ, application or motion has been fully briefed but is not calendared for argument and/or more...

 Rules and Requirements

Motion to Dismiss as a Responsive Pleading

Certain defenses may be made by motion to dismiss in lieu of an answer. These include motions to more...

Motion to Dismiss For Failure to State a Claim

If matters outside of the pleading are presented to the court and are not excluded by the court, more...

Motion For Judgment on the Pleadings

After the pleadings are closed, but before such time as to delay trial, a party may move for more...

Consolidation of Defenses in Motion

A party that moves the court for a motion to dismiss pursuant to rule 12(b) may join together more...

Waiver of Certain Defenses

The defenses of lack of personal jurisdiction, insufficiency of process, and insufficiency of service of process, are waived more...

Dismissal For Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction

The court will dismiss an action whenever it appears that it lacks subject matter jurisdiction. . more...

Failure of Plaintiff to Follow Rules or Order of the Court

A defendant may move for dismissal of an action or claim based on plaintiff's failure to comply with more...

Motion to Dismiss Based on Lack of Prosecution

The court may dismiss an action upon motion by any party when plaintiff has failed to bring an more...

Dismissal For Failure to Follow Discovery Rules

A party may move the court to dismiss an action if the early case conference required by rule more...

 Reply Papers

Memorandum of Points and Authorities

Reply papers must contain a memorandum of points and authorities providing legal support for the position advanced. more...

A memorandum of points and authorities which consists of bare citations to statutes, rules, or case authority does more...

Supplemental Briefs-Clark County

Supplemental briefs will only be permitted if filed within the original time limitations of paragraphs (a), (b), or more...

Hole-Punched and Stamped "Original"

The Clark County Court Clerk requires original documents filed with the court to be two-hole punched at the more...

Document Codes

The Clark Court Clerk requires document codes identifying the documents being filed. for more information. more...


Every pleading, written motion, and other paper must be signed by at least one attorney of record in more...

Additional Formatting Requirements

Clark County District Court SmartRules procedural guide: GENERALLY APPLICABLE RULES AND FORMATTING REQUIREMENTS. more...




All papers required to be served must be filed with the court "either before service or within a more...


The fees for filing documents in Nevada District Court can be found at Chapter 19 of the Nevada more...



All pleadings and motion papers must be served on all parties to the action. . more...


See Clark County Nevada District Court SmartRules capsule: SERVICE OF PAPERS. more...

Electronic Service Required

Facsimile and Electronic Service

Service is permitted by electronic means including fax upon consent of the other party. . more...

Electronic Filing Generally Required

Electronic filing is generally required in the Eighth Judicial District Court, Clark County. Help and information are provided at: more...

Service by Fax

Clark County District Court permits service by fax and electronic transmission. . more...

Courtesy Copies

A courtesy copy of any papers filed within 5 days of the hearing must be left at the more...



If the court and the parties agree, any motion or issue of law can be decided in chambers more...

Appearance at Hearing

Motions are typically argued in Clark County District Court and counsel for both parties must appear at the more...

Oral Argument at Discretion of the Court

Whether oral argument will be permitted and the scheduling of any such argument is at the discretion of more...

Judges may consider and rule on motions at any time without oral argument. .In this case the court will remove the motion from the calendar and enter an order showing the more...


No motion once heard and disposed of shall be renewed in the same cause, nor shall the same more...

Preparation of Orders

Prevailing parties are required to provide a draft order to the judge. . more...

Entry and Service of Orders

Orders signed by the judge must promptly be filed with the court. . Once signed, they must also be served upon all other parties. more...

Compliance With Orders

The court's order must fix the time for compliance with any ruling, and the party required to act more...

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Nevada - Clark District
Nevada - Clark District
Nevada - Clark District
Nevada - Clark District
Nevada - Clark District