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Illinois - Cook Circuit
Illinois - Cook Circuit
Illinois - Cook Circuit
Illinois - Cook Circuit
Illinois - Cook Circuit

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 Responses to Requests for Admission


 Circuit Court of Illinois
 Cook County

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28 Days for Denial Or Objection

A party served with a request for admission has 28 days after service to deny or object to more...   

28 Days for Notice Of Inaccuracy in Public Record

A party served with a request to admit the accuracy of a public record has 28 days after more...

No Discovery Until All Defendants Have Appeared

Except with leave of court and for good cause shown, no discovery procedure "shall be noticed or otherwise more...

Sequence of Discovery Methods

Unless the court orders otherwise for the convenience of the parties and witnesses and in the interests of more...

Sequence of Discovery Between Parties

Unless the court orders otherwise for the convenience of the parties and witnesses and in the interests of more...

Effective Date of Service

By Mail--4 Days After Mailing

Service by mail is complete 4 days after mailing. . more...

By Delivery to 3rd-Party Carrier--3rd Business Day After Delivery

Service by delivery to a third-party commercial carrier is complete on the third business day after delivery of more...

By Facsimile Transmission--1st Court Day After Transmission

Service by facsimile machine is complete on the first court day following transmission. . more...

 Discovery Rules

Discovery Methods

A party can obtain information through: more...

Duplication of discovery methods to obtain the same information "should be avoided." . more...

Discovery According to Rules

Discovery, admissions of fact and of genuineness of documents and answers to interrogatories shall be in accordance with more...

Seasonable Supplementation and Amendment of Responses

With respect to interrogatories and requests to produce documents, "[a] party has a duty to seasonably supplement or more...

Claims for Bodily Injury, Waiver of Privilege

Any party who by pleading alleges any claim for bodily injury or disease, including mental health injury or more...

Discovery Disputes

Reasonable Effort to Resolve Differences Required

The parties must make reasonable efforts to resolve differences over discovery.All motions relative to the discovery process must include a statement by counsel for the moving party that, more...

Consequences of Abuse of Discovery Process

The Supreme Court Rules provide detailed provisions for the consequences of abuse of the discovery process. . more...

 Responses to Request for Admission Rules

Number of Requests

The maximum number of requests for admission a party may serve on another party is 30. If a request has subparts, each subpart counts as a separate request. more...

Special Requirements

A party must: (1) prepare a separate paper which contains only the requests and the documents required for more...


Requests for Admission of Fact

Any party may serve on any other party a written request for admission of the truth of any more...

Authentication of Documents

A party may serve on any other party a written request to admit the genuineness of any relevant more...

Public Records

A party intending to use public records as evidence may prepare a copy of the relevant record or more...

Effect of Admission

A party's admission in response to a request for admission is evidence only for purposes of the pending more...

Objection to Request to Admit

A party objecting to a request for admission must file written objections within twenty-eight (28) days of service more...

Serve on All Parties

The response to the request, sworn statement of denial, or written objection, shall be served on all

Denial of Facts or Authenticity of Documents

A denial must fairly meet the substance of the requested admission. If good faith requires that a party more...

Expenses on Refusal to Admit

If the party presenting requests for admission ultimately proves the genuineness of a fact which was sworn to more...

 Form & Format of Papers


All must be "entitled in the court and cause" and the "plaintiff's name shall be placed first." more...

Name and Address of Responsible Party

All filed in the cause or served on an opposing party must bear the name and business address and more...

Indicate If Service Permitted by Fax

If service by facsimile is permitted for the case, and the party filing the will accept facsimile service, the more...


Every pleading, motion, or other paper must be signed by at least one attorney of record, and the more...

By signing a paper, the signer certifies: more...

The Court may impose sanctions against anyone who signs a document in violation of any of these requirements. more...

Additional Formatting Requirements


 Filing & Service

General Rule -- Do Not File Discovery Materials

Discovery to parties may not be filed with the clerk except by order of court. Service of discovery shall be made in the manner provided for service of documents in . . more...

Exception -- File Discovery Requests to Non-Parties

Notwithstanding the above, discovery requests to non-parties must be filed with the court. . more...

Local Rule -- File Responses to Requests For Admission With Clerk

Requests for admission of fact must be filed with the Cook County Clerk of Court. Within twenty-eight (28) more...


Unless copies have already been furnished, copies of any documents sought to be authenticated by the request for more...

Cook County SmartRules procedural guide: SERVICE OF PAPERS. more...

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Illinois - Cook Circuit
Illinois - Cook Circuit
Illinois - Cook Circuit
Illinois - Cook Circuit
Illinois - Cook Circuit