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Georgia - Cobb Superior
Georgia - Cobb Superior
Georgia - Cobb Superior
Georgia - Cobb Superior
Georgia - Cobb Superior

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 Response to Requests for Admission


 Superior/State Court of Georgia
 Gwinnett County

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Serving Request for Admission

(a)(1). more...

There is no particular sequence in which a party must serve a request for admission with respect to more...

It is common practice for a plaintiff to include a request for admission, interrogatories, and a request for more...

Responding to Request for Admission

Generally, a party must serve answers and any objections to a request for admission within thirty (30) days more...

Deadline for Completion of Discovery

Any desired discovery procedures must be commenced promptly, pursued diligently, and completed without unnecessary delay and within 6 months more...

Stay of Discovery on Filing Motion to Dismiss

If a party files a motion to dismiss before or at the time of filing an answer, discovery more...

Extension of Discovery Period and Deadlines

The discovery period and all discovery deadlines must be extended for a period equal to the duration of more...

Stay May be Terminated or Modified, But Not Extended

The court may upon its own motion or upon motion of a party terminate or modify the stay more...

Limited Discovery May Be Permitted

If a motion to dismiss raises defenses set forth in paragraph (2), (3), (5), or (7) of subsection more...

 Discovery Rules & Requirements



Discovery requests may relate to any unprivileged matter relevant to the subject matter of the pending action and more...

Inadmissibility at Trial No Bar to Discovery Request

A discovery request is permissible even if the information sought would be inadmissible at trial, as long as more...

Insurance Agreements

A party may discover the existence and contents of any insurance agreement under which any person providing insurance more...

Multiple Discovery Requests Permitted

Unless otherwise ordered by the court, the frequency of use of any discovery method is unlimited. (a). more...

Duty to Supplement Discovery Response

A party who has responded to an discovery request with a response that was complete when made has more...

A duty to supplement responses may be imposed by: more...


 Request for Admission Rules & Requirements

Types of Responses Permitted

In General

A party must respond to each matter for which an admission was requested, and each such response must more...

(a)(2). more...


Any denial must be specific and must fairly meet the substance of the requested admission.When good faith requires that a party qualify his answer or deny only a part of the matter more...

Denial without proper justification may result in a party having to pay the other party's expenses in establishing more...

Statements That Party is Unable to Admit or Deny

If a party states that he is unable to admit or deny a particular matter, he must state more...

Claiming inability to admit or deny without a proper basis may result in a party having to pay more...


A party may object to any portion of a request for admission, but the party must state the more...

Failure to Respond Constitutes Admission

If a party fails to respond to any portion of a properly served request for admission within the more...

Requests Re Opinions or Contentions Permitted

A request for admission is permissible even though the answer would involve an opinion or contention that relates more...

Copies of Documents to Be Served With Request

Where a request for admission relates to the genuineness of documents described in the request, the proponent of more...

Effect of Admission

Matter Deemed Conclusively Admitted

Any matter admitted in a response to a request for admission, or deemed admitted due to a failure more...

Summary Judgment

Georgia case law holds that if a party's responses or failure to respond to a request for admission more...

Withdrawal/Amendment of Admission

On a proper motion, the court may allow a party to withdraw or amend an admission. Subject to the requirements of relating to pretrial orders, the court may allow withdrawal or amendment if: more...


Motion to Determine Sufficiency of Answer/Objection

A party who has propounded a request for admission may file a motion to determine the sufficiency of more...

In lieu of any of the above orders, the court may order that final disposition of the request more...

If the motion is granted, the court shall require the party (and/or the attorney representing that party) whose more...

Expenses on Failure to Admit

If a party fails to admit the truth of any matter or the genuineness of any document in more...


 Form & Format of Papers

In Writing

Requests for admission and responses thereto must be in writing. (a)(1)-(2). more...

General Format

Gwinnett County Superior/State Court SmartRules procedural guide: GENERALLY APPLICABLE RULES AND FORMATTING REQUIREMENTS. more...

 Filing & Service


Request for Admission Generally Not Filed with Court

Original discovery material, including requests for admission and responses or objections thereto, generally should not be filed with the more...

However, discovery material should be filed with the court if: more...

.1(a) (amended eff 7/1/13). more...

Certificate of Service to be Filed with Court

A party serving a request for admission, or a response or objection thereto, must file with the court more...




A response to a request for admission must be served on the party requesting the admission. (a)(2). more...


Gwinnett County Superior/State Court SmartRules procedural guide: SERVICE OF PAPERS. more...

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Georgia - Cobb Superior
Georgia - Cobb Superior
Georgia - Cobb Superior
Georgia - Cobb Superior
Georgia - Cobb Superior